I have a particular interest in books and find the process of photographing, processing, printing and producing my books of my own work appealing and theraputic.

Printing my work is something I don’t do often enough, partly because I will just end up with bundles of prints for which I have no use for, hence the interest in making books. I eventually managed to book myself on to a photography bookmaking workshop run by Joe Wright in June 2018 and so began my own personal bookmaking journey.

Since the start of the 2019 I have completed three small projects that had reignited my interest and desire to develop my skills. I have also noticed that since the workshop when I have out shooting new work since, topics discussed on the course, particularly sequencing and image selection, have often been on my mind.

Below are my most recent handmade books and links to articles I have written on each with further details and images.

The Eigg Box

Following on from Snow Streets, another project I have been working on recently has been The Eigg Box.

In August last year we spent a couple of days on the Isle of Eigg, and after returning and reviewing some images I had the idea for a trio of books covering the trip, Out to Rum, Finger of God and The Laig Sands, which I wanted to package up in a handmade box.

In a similar way to Snow Streets, the project is as much about the final product as it is about the images. Whilst I did shoot on my camera, I wanted a consistency in the images hence I used images all shot on my phone.

Read more about The Eigg Box.

Snow Streets

Snow Streets comprises of a small selection of images from 2018 when the Beast from the East hit Glasgow.

From a personal perspective this book is not as much about the images as it is about the finished product, as it is the first book for which I have made a custom slipcase and I feel this creates a more completed package.

Read more about Snow Streets.

Mist on the Green

A few days before Christmas a cold frost descended on Glasgow and I found an opportunity to spend an hour on Glasgow Green with my camera. After processing the shots there were 12 images I liked and felt would work well together as a small series.

Producing this small book has been a enjoyable and satisfying process. From taking the pictures with a form of output in mind, to maintaining a consistent approach when processing and then spending time sequencing the images in different orders to understand how the flow and feel of the book changed.

Read more about Mist on the Green.